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Juudai x Shou Fans!!! 
10:30am 05/03/2011
  We were a club here: http://jaden-x-syrus.deviantart.com/
Now we're a group here: http://anikishipping-love.deviantart.com/


I open with some icons! 
04:44am 18/08/2008
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Yep, I be a newbie in this little comm. ^__^ And so, I come bearing icons!

Total= 90

[24] Yami no Yuugi/Atemu
[17] Yuugi
[3] Kaiba
[13] Bakura
[11] Malik/Marik
[6] Mokuba
[1] Ryou
-Yuugiou GX-
[3] Shou/Syrus
[1] Juudai/Jaden
[4] Juudai x Shou
-Nightwalker: Midnight Detective-
[4] Shido
[2] Guni
[1] Riho


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06:19pm 14/08/2008
  Ahahahahaha! this comm needs more life!!! (ok I admit it's pretty much frozen, what with people moving on to another pairing and the show ending a long time ago and all) but here I come with a fanart sketch (short for 'I'm too lazy to finish this right now')! I don't have a working scanner, so I had to take a picture of it.
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12:53am 01/08/2008
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Well, the doujinshi isn't translated fully yet, but I have the download link to the RAW, since I just scanned it completely.  :D

Yes um it's NSFW so download with caution~


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09:43pm 11/06/2008
  Um hey. I'm new here and even though this community seems a bit DED, I'll use some magic CPR to bring it back lol not really.

Anywaay, I've gotten my hands on a doujinshi called Jukujo Jump Aniki~!! GX4 by Ginbou and, you guessed it, it's JuudaixShou.  I'm currently working on scanlating it, but due to my laziness, it won't be done anytime soon.  ^_^;;

So, some scans under the cut!  :D  There's nothing all that explicit, but it might not be the best thing to be looking at in the library or at work.  XD


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Live, dammit. LIVE. ::defibrulates the community:: 
08:28pm 03/09/2007
  Shou has stopped calling Juudai "Aniki."


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10:14pm 25/05/2007
  Right, so liek...I recently got my hands on a copy of Gakkou he Ikou!, a JuudaixSho/ShoxJuudai yaoi doujinshi by [can'tfindthenameofthecircleargh...I think it's Ginbou, perhaps?]. Most of you have probably seen it floating around eBay or whatnot.

EDIT: NOT GINBOU DUH. It's Sakatani.S. ::is good at missing the obvious things that are WRITTEN ON THE BACK COVER::

So after reading it for about the twelfth or so time, I finally had my fill of fun with fangirling over the pretty pictures and would be interested in getting my hands on a translation. So...

REQUIREMENTS: Must be able to translate the Japanese text  and stomach the OMGBOYSECKS (it's mostly pretty inexplicit, but still technically still pr0nz).
DESCRIPTION: Provide a comprehensive script of the scans.
SALARY: Free art request, yo. (samples)

Since these communities are relatively small, I'll be asking for help in several other places as well, but I figured you guys would be most interested. If there's anyone interested in the job, let me know, and I'll send you the scans.

X-posted to yugiohgx_yaoi

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More specific RP post 
08:07pm 08/05/2007
  Ok...I got no responses to my last post, and I'm sad and desperate. =-_-=

I want to one-on-one roleplay with someone. Any pairing is fine... I like them all. =x_x= Any rating is fine...cutesy innocent platonic love or hardcore smutty love, either is fine for me. XD And I'm not a writer-type (which is why I don't just write a fanfic or something to sate my urges), so I don't expect you to be all awesome at RPing either. Just a few sentences and some dialogue each post is fine with me. XD

Someone? Pls? Prty pls with Winged Kuriboh on top?

AIM me: Poemwritesyou

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09:48pm 05/05/2007
  I hope this kind of post is allowed...

I'm looking to RP! XD I'm talking about one-on-one AIM RP preferably. And I mostly do yaoi, all though I am inclined to do het every so often. I'm very open on pairings. I'm a little new to YGOGX and shipping, so I'm up for basically anything. I try my best to play my character believably, whoever he/she may be. XD

Anyone up for it? Comment or IM me at Poemwritesyou.



They're finally throwing us a bone 
11:52am 22/04/2007
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Jacked one of the new summaries from Janime after acmeeoyposted them on the  yugioh_gx comm. Here's one I think we'll all be interested in.

Episode 137: Shou's Decision! Proof of Friendship!

Summary:  Asuka, Kenzan, and Fubuki have all turned to grains of light and vanished, yet Shou, watching Juudai's duel as he fights for victory, has started to have doubts toward Juudai, and walks, trying to forget him, when he rescues Ojama Yellow from drowning. Shou hears about Manjyome's fate, which increases his doubts about Juudai, and he chucks his duel disk into the valley. And then, Devil Dozer, appears to attack Shou and Ojama Yellow...


 After thirty-something episodes of borderline-canon JohanxJuudai stuffs, the JuudaixSho romance friendship is finally getting some attention, so get stoked yous guys. 

So I'm gonna babble for a minute; feel free to stop reading after this point: I'm particularly excited about this turn of events because it's excatly FTW exactly as things have played out in my mind. Sho, who has feelings for Juudai (I can argue that canon!Sho is in love with Juudai, albeit one-sided. But that's for another day), has been upset about being ignored ever since Johan showed up (and don't get me wrong you guys, I adore Johan. In fact, I'm married to him. Srsly). So this is exactly the kind of attention poor Sho needs right now. Amirite?



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Rawr! First of April? Wha? 
01:09pm 01/04/2007
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Okay, yews guys. So since no one ever posts here, it's liek gunna becomme teh comm for JUUDAI AND ASUKA!! YEAH!! JUUDAIXASUKA FOREVAR AND EVARR!!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

In fact, I dun gone and founded a GRATE story for y'all to see! It's where Juudai gets Asuka preggers! :O No WAHY! YAH! GO Read it! Cuz I totally H8S JUUSHO. SRSLY.

BEBE!Collapse )

Oh MAN, and the SUES. Boy, I love those. Yeah, liek RLY. Come on, guys! Lets go read sum!

But in all seriousness, I've found how much of a disappointment Juusho is in comparison to Juudai and Asuka's love. Yeah, time to give up and move on. I mean, they're so sweet together, don't you think? JuudaixAsuka. Come on. I for one am making a stand and going Anti-JuuSho.

o.o Who's wit MEH!?

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03:09am 11/03/2007

LALALA DOUBLE POST. Again. Deal with it.

Seriously, though, you guys will like this. Especially those of us who get off on the little things...which is all of us, I'm pretty sure.

It's not the entire 127 preview...just the only part that matters.

Ahaha. Is it next wednesday yet?


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Couple of things... 
09:58pm 04/03/2007
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Blah, I wrote some stuffs.

A Story About Nothing is on FFN. Just a fluffly G-rated JxS friendship thingdinger.

And then there's something less coherent that I'll publish here. One of those pointless story fragments that I'm far too lazy to make into something nice and finished, even though I should. Enjoy it:

Right, so...hope that wasn't too depressing for you guys. The way I view the inside of Sho's head is...odd.

AAANYWAY. As for your request,


duelist_gurl163, I'm sorry Midnyte and I haven't gotten to it yet, but I promise we haven't forgotten you. We'll get on that as soon as I become less of an obnoxious lazyass I have less schoolwork on my hands, which ought to be fairly soon. 

Oh, and you still have a request to place, futureofsmiles. Do you want yours?


Drum roll, please... 
06:35pm 14/02/2007
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And it's time to announce the winners of our hastily-thrown-together Valentine's Day contest! Thanks to everyone who chose to participate. Really, it was a tough choice; having to weed two winners out of the entries (all four of them) was a challenge.

But, without further ado, the winners are:

In the Fanfiction category: duelist_gurl163 
And, in the Fanart category: futureofsmiles (for her oddly off-topic but lovely submission)

Congratulations to our winners, and thanks again to all four of our participants. Oh, and you two get requests now. REJOICE.

Happy Hallmark Day to all!

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Chey's contest entry 
03:35pm 08/02/2007
mood: exhausted
*emerges from her closet (as her dark hibernation corner has been boarded up)* Okay, so I lied. I'm entering the contest after all. Because Midnyte decided to GUILT TRIP me with her "I'm disappointed in you!" rant, and because I can't stand to think someone is disappointed in me, (I'd rather have someone be pissed at me than disappointed in me, any day. xD;;), I put off my HW this afternoon and wrote up this instead. v.v It's not very good. In fact, as far as my JuuShou fics go, I don't like it at all. But it's something and it's fluffy and it's JuuShou-y, and it's sort of from Jaden's side of the couple which is nice because people usually write from Sy's POV, or at least more on his side, so Jaden gets a moment to shine too. This was originally going to be part of a much much larger fanfic, but the story never took off and I had this random scene sitting around, then I found it, realized that with a lot of tweaking it might make a decent one-shot, and thus...here it is. One Valentine's JuuShou one-shot, at your service. *bows out, stage left*

Title: After all the Stops and Starts
Rating: G for random fluffiness
Notes: ...I really am not pleased with this story. xD;; I'm my own worst critic anyway, but really, my self-critic says I should be smacked for daring to enter this in a contest with so many other nice entries. Ah well. Let the JuuShou love be shared!
Summary: When DA decides to host a Valentine's Dance, Jaden isn't happy and neither is his heart, which has been speeding up way too much lately around a certain friend. But happiness could be only one chance away...


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Iconses...or something of the sort. xD 
03:03pm 06/02/2007
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For the record, this has nothing to do with the current contest- I'm perfectly aware there was no icon catagory, this is just me contributing in the way I can. xD; It became clear to me last weekend that there's no way I'm gonna have an entry for the contest, as school has succeeded in eating my brain and free time. v.v (Despite Midnyte's best attempts to stop it. *pats the tinfoil hat that she now wears merely because it is shiny*) Basically, I've got so much crap to do that writing a fic is out of my league, and I flat-out suck at drawing Jaden or Syrus, so the picture is out too. But being left out of the Valentine's festivities makes me sad, so I took my free hour on Sunday to throw together some random icons. I definitely wouldn't consider them my best works, but I think a few are kinda cute, so here they are in case anyone's interested. x3 I might make some more sometime if I get a chance.


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Everytime someone posts, Juudai and Sho come closer to making out on the show. GASP 
05:19pm 05/02/2007
mood: giggly
G'awww, can't you FEEL it everyone!? The approaching Valentine's Day? It comes wandering with an aura of love and kisses and chocolate and... o_O Fanfics for Juudai and Sho? ^_^ Yes, those too. How I adore Valentine's Day.

And now for such an occasion, I must say I'm excited about the contest and it's wonderful contestants so far, and also I come bearing a short ficlet just for the still early occasion.

Remember guys and gals! We love one another, Juudai and Sho make love to each other!

Best Chocolates
Rating: K
Notes: Love you guys! ^___^
Summary: Sho gives Juudai chocolate candies for Valentine's Day. Together they sit and share them while Sho ponders the opportune time to tell Juudai his deepest feelings.

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Totally Not Part of the Contest 
07:26pm 05/02/2007
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Happy Valentine's Day to all at the juusho community!
(Even if it's early)

And there you have it!


Contest entry 
09:05am 01/02/2007
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I may be pushing it a bit, so let me know and I'll change it. Naughty bits have been cropped accordingly, but still suggestively unclothed.

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And now, I shall go pass out since it's 9:15 AM and I've been working on this silly thing all night. X.x

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My entry thingy... 
07:38pm 31/01/2007
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